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Relevant Packing and Moving

Preparing an Office Move

For a company that is transferring to a new office, moving can mean a disruption of business operations. This is why you need to choose a removal company that you closely coordinate with. The company to which you entrust the removal of your office equipment must be able to understand your specific needs.

Before you move, it would be ideal for you to invite your movers to your office so that they can create a check-list of all the items that they will be handling. This will enable them to create customised boxes, if necessary. This will also help them identify special needs. This can involve things like moving huge items, such as long conference tables, that do not fit inside elevators.

For your computers, you should hire a specialist, especially if your company does not have its own technical personnel. This way, you can disconnect your computers and networks properly, as well as reconnect them correctly when you reach your new office. It would be best to label all wires and computer accessories appropriately so that you will know how to arrange the computers right. It is best to create a backup of all the files in each computer. You can move CPUs ahead so that they will not get damaged. Be aware of any reprogramming that needs to be done after your computer network is set up in your new office.

Issues like permits must be tackled in advance. You or your removal company can take care of this. You need to notify the building administrator of your new office so that you will be sure to have appropriate car park space. This will also help you avoid setbacks like elevators that are not working or buildings closed for the weekend or for the holiday.

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