Facing a Moving Milestone
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Relevant Packing and Moving

Insuring Items in Transit

Significant events in life are often exciting and stress-inducing at the same time. Moving to a new house is no exception. Along with looking forward to a new community and environment, there is the worry that one might not be able to fit in so well. There is the concern, too, that lies in transporting one's belongings.

No matter how diligent one is in packing his household items and no matter how smoothly a shipper operates, there are some circumstances that are simply out of one's control. There might be a sudden, untoward shift of the weather. Another driver you meet on the road might be driving recklessly. Your new place might be located in a very steep, rocky hill or valley. Due to these concerns, many people who move into a new place decide to get a moving insurance.

Some removal companies offer moving insurance, but most do not. A lot of removal companies, though, do assume liability for valuation or coverage of the items that are being shipped or transported. You can also check with your homeowners insurance if it covers goods in transit. If this is the case, then your items being shipped would most likely be insured.

When you choose a moving insurance policy, you need to know how much a company is willing to cover. To make sure that you get compensation justly, always be sure that their estimate value of your possessions is correct. Have your own list complete with receipts, if possible. Take a picture of each piece of furniture, appliance and gadget before you pack them. Take pictures of your packing, too, so that if anything undesirable happens, you can prove that you exercised diligence in packing.

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