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Relevant Packing and Moving

Accessories for Your Move

When you move to a new home or office, you need to be organised and detailed in your packing so you can ensure the safety of your belongings. After all, you do not want a very expensive piece of furniture to get ruined all because you packed it the wrong way. You would not to reach your new place only to find, upon opening your boxes, that a portion of your intricate mirror has been shattered because you did not protect it adequately. No matter how sturdy your moving boxes are, you need to act with extra caution. This is why many moving companies and specialist shops offer various packing accessories.

Bubble wrap is perhaps the most popular packing accessory there is. So many people enjoy popping those tiny plastic bubbles one by one. Bubble wrap can prevent or minimise movement in a box by allowing it to be wrapped tight. It can also cushion an item, preventing it from getting heavily impacted in case it falls. This is why it is used for almost everything - porcelain ornaments, glassware, picture frames, paintings, gadgets and even large furniture.

Aside from bubble wrap, one can also use acid-free tissue paper. This type of tissue paper is great for sensitive items. This means that you can use it around glassware, silverware and polished wood ornaments to keep them from getting scratched during your move. Items like furniture blankets, poly plastic and corrugated cardboard can also be used to protect furniture from dirt and dust. These items are useful for keeping the edges of furniture pieces from getting chipped and their preventing their surfaces from being scratched. In addition, poly chips and moving pads can absorb shock during a fall, thus effectively protecting delicate or expensive items.

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